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童芯 Dōshin
Game Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3
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Status Deceased
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Dōshin (童芯, Dōshin) was a missing-nin of the Leaf's Anbu, led by Shinga. Dōshin, alongside Shinga and Hakui, appeared in Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3.


Dōshin's demeanour was very childish. He joked frequently during battle, referring to clashes between shinobi and his Mud Golems as "playing". He was vastly overconfident in his own abilities, something that Kakashi commented led to his downfall. He craved attention and acknowledgement, and he became angry and desperate if he didn't receive it.


Dōshin was short and dressed in all-green attire, save for the dark grey mask with red markings that he and most of Shinga's subordinates wore. He had shoulder-length orange hair that covered his eyes. After wearing his body out due to the Mud Golem technique, he looked more aged.


Dōshin was skilled in several kinjutsu which allowed him to summon flaming rats, and create duplicates of his opponents from the earth. The Mud Golem technique, however, requires a significant amount of chakra, and he would quickly tire from using it. Dōshin was also able to use genjutsu intended to alter his opponent's surroundings.

Plot Overview

Forbidden Jutsu Fire Rat

Dōshin summons his fire rats.

Dōshin appeared alongside Shinga and Hakui several times, assisting with his attack on Konohagakure. His first major move in the story was to summon a slew of flaming rats to burn down the forest and distract Konoha shinobi. He utilised his Mud Golem technique frequently against his opponents. After Naruto, Sakura, Sai, Tsukino and Kakashi arrived at Tsukigakure, Dōshin uses a genjutsu that changes the landscape in an attempt to confuse them and turn them around. The group noticed it quickly, and Dōshin responded by creating several Mud Golems and sending them to attack. When Tsukino escaped Shinga's mind control, he wasn't worried, confident that Naruto wouldn't be able to defeat Shinga. He became enraged when Naruto refused to be intimidated by his kinjutsu. Naruto and Sakura defeated two Golems before Kakashi and Sai told them to move on, taking the rest themselves. Noticing Dōshin growing increasingly fatigued, Kakashi commented on how much chakra his technique expended and suggested he stop using it. Dōshin responded by feverishly creating more Mud Golems, pushing his body to its limits in desperation and refusing to acknowledge defeat. Finally, he became too exhausted by his own chakra expenditure, and his last attempt at creating two more Golems failed. Kakashi defeated him afterwards.


  • "Dōshin" means "juvenile wick".
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