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ダイモン Daimon
Manga Volume #15, Boruto Chapter #59
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Daemon (ダイモン, Daimon) is a member of Kara.


Daemon and his older sister were equipped with Shinobi-Ware by Amado in his hopes of bringing down Isshiki Ōtsutsuki's host Jigen. After learning that Daemon and his sister are among the cyborgs with the capabilities to defeat him, Isshiki ordered their destruction. Boro, who was captivated by Ada, had secretly hid the siblings away at one of his hidden establishments.


Daemon is a very energetic and mischievous child. He enjoys playing with others and can quickly grow attached to certain people. At the same time, he is fiercely protective of his sister, not letting anyone with less than sincere goals about her near. Likewise, he is very loyal to her orders, willing to keep quiet about things he would like to tell otherwise. Daemon turned out to be sentimental as he got angry after Bug tried to run away without even talking to him. Once engaging in battle, he is very sadistic and remorseless. He enjoys fighting, quickly getting excited when Code pulled him into one, and just as disappointed when Code sent him back away from it. He is very confident in his abilities, considering himself stronger than Jigen and Code, and also Naruto and Sasuke.


Daemon is a young boy with short, turquoise hair that has a pink-coloured streaks in it, with purple eyes and yellow pupils and pronounced canine teeth.[1] He wears a red hoodie jacket with star patterns over a turquoise shirt, red shorts tied with a white belt and dark sandals. He also has yellow nail polish on his fingernails and toe nails.


As with most members in Kara, Daemon has been modified with Scientific Ninja Tools by Amado. While the true depths of his power are unknown, Amado has noted that his combat abilities exceed Jigen's,[2] and easily overpowered Code after his power-limiters were rescinded.[3] He is shown to be rather fast and stealthy, able to instantly sneak out of his pod and catch Code off-guard. He also has advanced taijutsu skill, able to break a grown man's neck with a single kick.

Daemon's signature ability is to instantly, even without intent or awareness, turn an opponent's attack on him against them. However, this requires Daemon to be touching someone with his hands,[4] even if who he is touching and who is attacking him are not the same person.[5] Ada claims that the mere mental image of the killing scene is enough to trigger a reflection, which scales with killing intent. She considers Daemon the only non-Ōtsutsuki capable of killing her.

New Era

Code Arc

Main article: Code Arc After Ada had awoken and formed a partnership with Code, she ordered Bug to awaken Daemon. Daemon quickly jumped out of his stasis pod to ride Code's back, questioning if he is his sister's "new man". He quickly calmed down when Ada assured him that Code was only a new friend and not her type of man. When Boro's guards learned of Code's intrusion, they attacked the cyborgs, only for Daemon to use his ability to reflect their attacks back at them, killing them all.

Later, Daemon quickly began warming up to Code, constantly forcing himself on Code for rides. As Daemon turned his attention to Bug who was trying to escape, Code suddenly struck at the boy with his Claw Marks, which were instantly reflected back on Code. Code explained that he wanted to better understand how Daemon's power worked, explaining that his marks let him teleport to wherever they are. As Daemon found the power cool, Code asked how the boy's power works. While wanting to tell Code, Daemon was forbidden by his sister. While Ada was guiding Code on Kawaki's location, Daemon slept on her lap. He was woken up by her pleas for Code not to kill Kawaki, but she told him to go back to sleep.

When Kawaki activated his new Kāma, granting him access to Isshiki's powers, he began to overwhelm Code, shrinking his Claw Marks to prevent him from escaping. When he was about to blast Code, Code pulled Daemon through the Claw Mark on his face, reflecting Kawaki's attack back at him. This woke Daemon up, just for Code to send him back to Ada. She informed Code that it Kawaki had died, she'd have sent Daemon to kill him.

Daemon rode Code's back as Ada reminded him of the terms of their agreement, displeased with him using Daemon without her permission. She warned him that if she deemed him a hindrance even after having his power limiters lifted, she and Daemon would dispose of him. Later, Code and Ada successfully captured Amado, who Daemon mockingly greeted upon his return. He watched as Amado begged for his life in exchange of lifting the power limiters. When Amado appealed to Ada's interest in Kawaki, she signalled Daemon to stop Code from killing him. When he tried to attack Amado again, Daemon considered Code had to be disposed of. When Ada dissolved their partnership, Code attempted to replace Daemon as her knight, but he maintained the upper hand against Code, even after Bug revealed the caveat of his reflecting ability. After Code retreated with Bug, he jumped on Amado's back as he and Ada continued discussing their positions and Shikamaru's offer. Daemon was confident he could deal with Kawaki, negating Konoha's need of Amado. Amado considered it, but maintained his goal was different, and asked them to go to Konoha, where he'd also mediate for their alliance.


  • Daemon is a program that runs continuously and exists for the purpose of handling periodic service requests that a computer system expects to receive.


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