Daikokuten is a technique available to Isshiki Ōtsutsuki through his unspecified dōjutsu. Through its use, anything he has previously shrunk using Sukunahikona can be stored within a dimension where time does not flow,[1] allowing for them to remain in pristine condition and instantaneously retrievable at will. The objects retrieved are manifested with such speed that they can catch attentive opponents, such as Sharingan-wielding Sasuke Uchiha,[2] and Six Paths Sage Mode-empowered Naruto Uzumaki[3] off guard while inflicting serious bodily harm on them.


  • This technique appears to be inspired by the Uchide no Kozuchi, a hammer obtained by the hero in the Issun-bōshi, and can manifest anything the wielder desires by striking it against something.
  • Daikokuten is the name of one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Buddhism, the great god of darkness/blackness, and is depicted wielding the Uchide no Kozuchi.
  • While inhabiting Jigen's body, this technique normally required hand gestures in order to summon the foreign matter back.
  • When using this technique, Isshiki's right eye's pattern changes, with a pupil appearing within the eight intersecting spokes.

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