The user concentrates all their Shikotsumyaku powers into the creation of a single bone weapon, which is made as hard as possible with a considerable amount of chakra. Because of the weapon's large size, as well as the sheer density of the compressed bone, Kimimaro must enter the second level of his cursed seal to be able to handle it. The bone weapon can be incredibly destructive, wielded as a sort of battering ram or spear. But a philosophy of the Kaguya clan is that even the deadliest weapon is useless if it can't hit its target. As such, Dance of the Clematis: Flower is first preceded by Dance of the Clematis: Vine, which is used to immobilise targets.[1] Despite its strength, this technique was unable to break through Ultimately Hard Absolute Defence: Shield of Shukaku, against which it shattered into pieces.[2]


  • Clematis florida is of the genus clematis. It's a perennial ivy that grows flowers coloured white or deep purple.[3]

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