The user and two of their shadow clones attack a target from different directions with a bladed weapon. As they move towards their target, the attackers usually leap through the air in a formation reminiscent of the crescent moon, hence the name. Because all three attacks are meant to simultaneously come from a blindspot, targets can't reasonably defend against all of them. Moreover, because of the power behind the strikes, if even one of them lands successfully, the target is likely to be fatally wounded.[1] In the anime, landing all three attacks is powerful enough to send targets flying through several buildings.[2]


  • The full name of this technique is Leaf-Style Dance of the Crescent Moon (木ノ葉流三日月の舞, Konoha-Ryū Mikazuki no Mai, Literally meaning: Tree Leaf-Style Dance of the Three Days' Moon).
  • "Mikazuki" is the name of one of the Tenka-Goken, five Japanese swords that are of historical and cultural significance.

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