While underground, Kimimaro produces as many as ten thousand blades of bone that sprout from the earth. Because of how quickly the bones appear from the ground, how wide an area they cover, and how high into the air they extend, this technique can do extensive amounts of damage, killing indiscriminately. If any of his targets should somehow avoid this technique, Kimimaro, by activating the second level of his cursed seal, is able to merge with the bone blades. He can then appear from any of them, ideally, one at the target's blindspot so that he can launch a finishing attack.[1]

After acquiring Kimimaro's DNA, Kabuto Yakushi is able to use this technique through his Strange Transmission Distant Shadow technique; he produces a clone of Kimimaro, which places its hands on the ground to create the sprouting bone blades.[2]


  • When Kabuto uses this technique, he refers to it as "Kimimaro: Shikotsumyaku: Dance of the Seedling Fern" (君麻呂・屍骨脈・早蕨の舞, Kimimaro: Shikotsumyaku: Sawarabi no Mai).[2]
  • A fern, when first sprouted, is a mere bud, but at maturity can grow to heights greater than two meters.[3]
  • This is the only known Shikotsumyaku technique to be classified as ninjutsu, rather than taijutsu.


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