By converting her chakra into paper, Konan transforms her body (and clothing) into numerous sheets of paper; the initial creation and dispersal of the paper can mesmerise opponents.[1] Konan then controls and shapes the paper into various things, such as spears for attack,[2] origami butterflies for spying,[3] and clones for supplementary purposes.[4] She can create paper wings on her back to fly (though she can hover without them) and use them to shoot paper in rapid succession.[5] She can also wrap her target in paper, restricting their movements and asphyxiating them.[6]

Konan's paper can be affected in similar ways as normal paper: fire will burn it[2] though it can still be used as an effective defence against flame attacks at the cost of being burned away,[7] and oil will cause it to stick together, preventing her from manipulating it.[5] Pain is at one point shown ending the rains of Amegakure so that she can use her paper more freely,[8] but she is later seen using her paper despite the rain.[9]


  • Shikigami, when written as 式神, refers to a kind of spirit summoned to serve an onmyōji, a kind of sorcerer. These spirits are often depicted as changing into small pieces of paper once harmed or finished with their task. In the name of this technique, the kanji for "god" (, kami) has been replaced with the kanji for "paper" (, kami), which is pronounced the same. This is likely done to emphasise the paper nature of Konan's shikigami and to point out the subtle difference between them and traditional shikigami.
  • Her ability to make wings out of paper mirrors her title as "God's Angel" in Amegakure.[2]

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