• The outside of the shop.
  • The inside of the shop.

The Dango Shop (だんご屋, Dango-ya, Literally meaning: Dumpling Shop) is a popular, well-known shop in Konohagakure that's famous for its dango. Anko Mitarashi, who has the sweetest tooth in the village, visits this shop often.[1]

Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki stopped here for tea, on Kisame's suggestion, when they came to Konoha to hunt for Naruto Uzumaki, but had to flee since Kakashi Hatake was supposed to meet up with Sasuke Uchiha here.[2]

The shop serves many other desserts that use dango in them, such as anmitsu, a popular Japanese dessert that is served in a bowl consisting of red bean paste, small cubes of agar jelly, and pieces of fruit served with syrup, as seen when Sakura Haruno went there and ate anmitsu.[3]


The shop's sign is in a form of a stick with white-coloured dango run through it. The hiragana for dango (だんご) is painted red (sometimes blue) on them. The inside of the shop is simple with wooden tables, rectangular-shaped lights, and menus that hang all over the walls for customers to look at.


  • The most frequently shown dango in the series is hanami dango, the pink, white, and green dango associated with the hanami in Japan.


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