Dark Thunder Group
(暗雷団, Anrai-Dan)
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The Dark Thunder Group is a group of predominately missing-nin that exclusively pursues the vendettas of its members.


The Lightning Group had made it its mission to help the downtrodden, using their members' abilities to steal from criminals and disperse the plunder to needy settlements like Bamboo Village. When the Lightning Group came into conflict with Kirigakure and its members needed shelter, none of the villages they'd helped would offer them refuge. The Lightning Group was forced to disband and its members went into hiding. One such member, Karyū, lived a pitiful existence, forced to survive off scraps in an effort to avoid being found and killed by Kirigakure.

One day, Karyū heard of Sasuke Uchiha's attack on the Five Kage Summit. Karyū was amazed that a kekkei genkai user like Sasuke could oppose the hidden villages so openly and decided to follow his example. He would do what he wanted, take what he wanted, and have revenge on those who'd wronged him. He and some like-minded individuals, predominately missing-nin, came together to form the Dark Thunder Group. After the Fourth Shinobi World War ended, the group's numbers swelled and they began terrorising certain regions. Although the Dark Thunder Group recruits members on the promise that they can satisfy their grievances, Karyū is only concerned with his own, and accordingly only regards the other members as disposable muscle.

After attacking several villages around the Land of Hot Water and killing everyone living there, the Dark Thunder Group attacks Bamboo Village, one of the many villages who refused aid to the Lightning Group. There, Karyū is confronted and defeated by Sasuke and the rest of the Dark Thunder Group's members are captured. Sasuke intends to turn them over to Konohagakure to be imprisoned, but this is unsatisfactory for , whose daughter was killed during one of the Dark Thunder Group's earlier attacks. Believing they don't deserve to live when his daughter is dead, Iō sets the shed where they're being held on fire, dying along with them.

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