Dark Thunder Group
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #484
Novel Sasuke Shinden: Book of Sunrise
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The Dark Thunder Group is a group of missing-nin shinobi from various villages that commit various crimes ranging from theft to assassination.


The group was founded after Karyū, a missing-nin from the Land of Lightning, learned about Sasuke Uchiha attacking the Kage Summit. Karyū, who had been exiled and used by his village for his kekkei genkai, was impressed that Sasuke, who also possessed a kekkei genkai, dared to challenge the Five Kage. As a former member of the dissolved Lightning Group, Karyū travelled to various locations to recruit missing-nin and join his cause of challenging injustice and confronting the Kage of the villages they felt had wronged them.

Upon learning Sasuke had ceased his criminal activities and was working for the five nations to maintain peace, Karyū was angered and decided to surpass Sasuke by killing him, although he still admired him for his powers. Karyū named his organisation "Dark Thunder Group" with the goal of stealing values from others and hunting down Sasuke.

Although he and his followers have similar goals and backgrounds, Karyū views them as a necessity of achieving his own goals. Karyū actually has no concern for the well-being of his followers and is willing to sacrifice them if it will benefit his needs.

The group's need for its own notoriety causes Konohagakure, Kumogakure, and Kirigakure to suspect it is responsible for the disappearances of a hundred shinobi and manipulating them with genjutsu to attack the villages. Although the group is actually not connected to this, it doesn't deny the rumours and actually encourages them.


The group recently invades the Land of Hot Water and attacks a bamboo village, cleaning out all of the villagers' possession and killing many of them. Upon learning Sasuke is in the area, Karyū orders his followers to go with him to the village and find Sasuke. They attack the village, and when Sasuke appears to help protect the villagers, Karyū challenges him to a duel. Although impressed by Sasuke's abilities, Karyū is shocked when he is left defeated and is taken into custody while the rest of his followers are quickly finished off.

Sasuke interrogates Karyū about the group's criminal acts and is dismayed at Karyū for explaining he created the organisation out of admiration for Sasuke, who intends to turn Karyū over to Konoha. However, Karyū is killed in a fire set by the father of one of his victims. With Karyū's death, the Dark Thunder Group completely collapses.

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