This is the article on the original Dead Soul Technique. For the similarly named video game-only ninjutsu, head to Forbidden Technique: Dead Soul Technique.

The user performs surgery on a corpse to temporarily make its heart beat again. The user then uses their chakra to both control the body's movements and to hide all signs of the surgery, creating the appearance that the body is a live person. Kabuto Yakushi takes the extra step of erasing the body's odour so that others won't notice its smell. Kabuto likes to use the corpses he controls as body doubles, altering their faces with plastic surgery so that they look like him; Kabuto himself stays nearby, silencing his heartbeat so that he passes as a corpse.[1] Kabuto is only ever shown controlling one corpse at a time, which becomes inert once he moves far enough away.[2]

In the anime, reanimated corpses are shown to still possess the same abilities as when they were alive.[3]


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