Zaku Abumi uses chakra to generate energy within his elbows, which he emits from a hole in his palm using a tube implanted in his forearm.[3] The energy is a mixture of sound waves and airwaves, with the ratio between the two differing depending on what Zaku intends to use this technique for; for example, 100% airwaves and 0% sound waves is enough to shatter stone. In other uses, it can repel incoming projectiles, soften the ground for use as a cushion, and knock over people. Its power weakens sharply over distances.[1]

Zaku can use this technique with one hand against a single target or with both hands to use against separate targets.[4] It can be used with both hands towards a single purpose,[5] which in certain cases qualifies as Extreme Decapitating Airwaves. Despite how useful this technique is and how easy it is for Zaku to perform,[1] the tubes in his arms represent a serious vulnerability: if the openings of the tubes are blocked when Zaku tries to use it, the energy won't be able to get out and will burst from his elbows, severing them from his body.[3]


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