"Decision!!" (決断!!, Ketsudan!!, Viz: Determination!!) is chapter 424 of the original Naruto manga.


While Tsunade is busy healing all of the Konoha villagers, Danzō keeps his Root personnel from helping in the village's defence, wishing for Tsunade to fail and thus allow him to become Hokage. Meanwhile, Inoichi continues to probe the mind of the Amegakure prisoner, and finds memories of him taking the dead body of a woman to the tallest building in Amegakure. Shizune arrives to pool their findings on Pain, unaware that two Pains have arrived outside. Elsewhere, the Deva Path leaves the site of its battle with Kakashi. Both Kakashi and Chōji have survived, though only the latter can move. Kakashi sends Chōji to Tsunade to tell her of the Deva Path's abilities. The still-active Asura Path tries to stop him. Kakashi uses his Kamui to stop the attack, but he dies in the process.

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