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ディーパ Dīpa
Anime Boruto Episode #157
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Deepa (ディーパ, Dīpa) is an Inner from the organisation Kara.


Deepa is a sociopath will kill people without any hesitation or true provocation. Due to his inhumanity and atrociousness, he isn't understood by others.[1] He is very battle-crazed, enjoying a good challenge if he can find it. Sadistic by nature, Deepa treats his target as prey for a hunt, looking at them as beneath him. He relishes in the fear and pain he can inflict on others, even toying with them, such as pretending to be affected by his enemies' attacks, giving them false hope, only to end his façade and enjoy the expressions of confusion and terror of his opponents afterwards. At the same time, Deepa is a very random man. Whereas at one moment he will slaughter people on impulse, another moment he is remarkably calm and sees no need in killing someone who can't fight back.

A very independent man, he cares little about other people's view of him, openly admitting that he knows his allies have little trust in him. He is very vain, viewing his refined-carbon form as the most beautiful thing in the world. Determined to keep himself a mystery, Deepa is committed to killing anyone who is not an ally once they see his face, but Deepa nonetheless acts somewhat disrespectful towards his allies, such as Victor. Despite his sadistic nature, however, Deepa has a sense of honour, offering to spare Omoi's life should he reveal the location of the Hashirama Cell, and kept his word after Omoi's subordinates caved in, although in a twisted turn of events, killed Kakui and Marui instead as they weren't part of his promise. He also has a sense of responsibility, putting his mission before his personal joy.


Deepa's Appearance

Deepa's full appearance.

Deepa is a tall and pale man of skinny yet well-defined built with short greyish purple hair and orange-red eyes. He has a tattoo of the Roman numeral "Ⅶ" below his eyes and light blue lipstick. He wears a dark cloak and shinobi sandals. Beneath his cloak, Deepa wears a blue collared midriff shirt, a symmetrically bi-coloured apron tied around his waist, a long glove on his left arm, and a gauntlet-like fingerless glove on his right.


As an Inner of Kara, Deepa is regarded as being completely monstrous in terms of strength and ability,[2] and had his body modified with Scientific Ninja Tools by Amado.[3] He was capable of defeating a team of Kumogakure jōnin without fighting seriously, with Omoi viewing him as not having any weaknesses.[4]

Physical Prowess

Specialising in close-range combat, he is blazingly fast and ferocious in taijutsu, able to strike down most foes with a single blow and could easily pressure and eventually defeat a master kenjutsu user like Omoi, despite him having aid from other two accomplished swordsman. He is also very strong, able to effortlessly lift a grown man in the air with a single hand. He has considerable aim, able to nonchalantly throw a simple dining knife at the bullseye of a dartboard without even looking.


Deepa's Arm

Deepa manipulating carbon.

Deepa is able to control the molecular-bonding of the carbon that he is exposed to, whether that he makes contact with or that is in his body. By properly rearranging them, his body becomes super durable, as hard as a diamond. A byproduct of this is that it causes his skin to dark black and reflective akin to metal, which can also turn the edges of his fingers into razor-sharp talons. He can control the change to affect any or all parts of his body. His body becomes so highly resilient, able to endure Lightning Release assaults unfazed and block blades with his bare arm. Even powerful explosions and techniques like the Rasengan have virtually no effect on him. His metallic form also greatly enhances his strength, as a mere finger-flick can send a foe flying and his serious strikes are strong enough to pierce through a person's chest. Alternatively, he can freely manipulate said carbon and launch it as powerful shower of controlled projectiles. He can also control the size of his projectiles.

New Era

Kara Actuation Arc

Main article: Kara Actuation Arc Deepa was present when Jigen called a meeting with the Inners, informing them of the destruction of one their facilities in Amegakure set by an Outer. In the Land of Valleys, Deepa watches the pass while eating a fruit before dropping from a stone pillar. When a sample of Hashirama Senju's cells was stolen from Victor's company, Deepa was brought in to retrieve it. He learned that it was sold in the Land of Silence. Victor insisted to be a covert as possible in his mission, but Deepa didn't listen. Upon arriving in Curtain Village, Deepa attended a bar and ate a meal there while all of its other occupants were dead. He casually paid for his meal and left.

Deepa Vs Kumo Shinobi

Deepa overwhelming Omoi's team.

Upon investigating Fūshu Castle, he learned that Sakuya was recently killed, allegedly by Konoha-nin. Deepa slaughtered several looters to extract all the information available. He soon tracked down the Konoha-nin of Team 7. Realising that they did not have the Hashirama Cell, he demanded to be told where it was. Omoi and his team of Kumo-nin decided to face Deepa while the Konoha-nin went on ahead to retrieve the Hashirama Cell from the true culprits. Despite the Kumo-nin's best efforts, Deepa was able to easily counter their every attack, swiftly taking down his foes. Ultimately, Deepa soundly defeated Omoi, and began questioning him about the Hashirama Cell's location. While he refused to speak, Kakui and Marui soon recovered. Refusing to let Omoi die, they revealed that the target was on its way to the Land of Haze. Deepa promptly killed Omoi's team-mates, choosing to spare Omoi as he promised to, before making his way to the Land of Haze.

Deepa Recovers Cell

Deepa recovers the Hashirama Cell.

He soon caught up to the remaining two Haze Quadruplets and Konoha-nin, striking down the former with a sneak attack. As Deepa calmly showed off his impervious body, Victor arrived, deciding that Deepa was taking too much time and causing too much of a scene. Victor promptly faced off against the two jōnin while Deepa faced the genin, much to his displeasure. The genin tried to coordinate their efforts, but Deepa's technique proved unfazed and quickly defeated them. Asaka, the last of the quadruplets, offered to hand over the Hashirama Cell. Deepa gladly accepted the offer, but was then deceived by Asaka, who used his kinjutsu to attack Deepa, which failed. As Deepa turned his attention back on a fallen Boruto, Deepa was surprised by Mitsuki's Sage Mode. While unable to hurt Deepa, it slowed him down long enough for Mitsuki to retreat with his team-mates. Reluctantly, Deepa decided not to pursue as he had achieved his goal of retrieving the Hashirama Cell.

Upon returning to Victor's laboratory and getting into an argument on where they both stood in Kara, Deepa was sent to retrieve another important item. His assignment took him to the Land of Wind, where after eating at a restaurant, he proceeded to slaughter everyone inside. Upon leaving, he was spotted by Team 10, but chose to ignore them. Later, he found Team 10 and Team Shinki having unearthed a damaged puppet from Urashiki Ōtsutsuki. This was Deepa's objective, and he demanded to have it. When they refused, he attacked them with his carbon cubes. He was impressed at how well Shinki's Iron Sand was actually holding a decent resistance against him, prompting Deepa to get more serious. They executed a strategy to detain and take Deepa down, only for their final assault to prove powerless. Once defeating them, he noticed that his hand was smouldering. Deepa took the puppet, only for it to be destroyed by Shinki's last act of defiance before passing out. Despite his failed mission, Deepa calmly left the children alone and walked off.


  • "Deepa" means "light" and "lamp" in Hindi.


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