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デルタ Deruta
Manga Boruto Chapter #15
Anime Boruto Episode #157
Game Naruto x Boruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game
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Sex Gender Female Female
  • New Era: 163.6 cm1.636 m <br />5.367 ft <br />64.409 in <br />
  • Inner (Former)
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Delta (デルタ, Deruta) is a clone of Akebi Sanzu, and a former Inner from the organisation Kara. After her initial deactivation and Amado Sanzu's defection to Konohagakure, he would reprogram Delta to serve as an asset to protect the village.


Delta's Creation

Delta being created.

When Akebi contracted an incurable disease of unknown origin, rather than trying to develop a treatment, her father Amado decided to clone her, preserving her brain and creating a backup of her memories, which he implanted in the clone. Despite the clone having all of Akebi's memories, her personality was entirely different. Amado repeated the process several times, but never succeeded in recreating Akebi's personality. Akebi's clones came to be known as Delta, and joined Kara along Amado when Jigen promised him to resurrect Akebi if he helped him achieve his goal.

In the anime, Delta was searching for children in a village for Kara to use as candidates as Jigen's vessel when she came across Kawaki's blood-soaked cloth after the young latter was bullied by other children. Afterwards, Jigen would later buy him off from his abusive father.[1]


Delta has a short temper, which makes her destructive at times, such as kicking a table that her leader was eating at to vent her frustrations. She is very focused on missions, getting visibly irritated when they are not completed within the expected time frame. Jigen mentioned that she has been worried about her weight previously, which might indicate that she cares about her appearance. She is very open about her views of others, basically hating all the Inners from Kara, apart from perhaps Jigen. Despite possessing all of her genetic source's memories from being Amado's daughter, she particularly expressed her hatred for him, stating that she dislikes Amado the most out of all the Inners of Kara and Ada noted her personality is nothing like her genetic source.

She also appears to be quite impatient, growing increasingly agitated when Koji was taking too long while looking for Kawaki in Konohagakure. She's also very confident of her abilities, openly confronting Kawaki while in the company of the Seventh Hokage and being unfazed while standing face-to-face with the legendary world hero. Delta is also quite perceptive, seeing through Naruto's attempts to have her reveal her plans by hiding his power and pretending to be defeated. She also apparently has a strong superiority-complex, quickly viewing the Seventh Hokage as beneath her and likewise became fixated on killing him after he defeated her.

Aside from her destructive nature, Delta is incredibly cold-hearted and sadistic, attempting to kill Himawari Uzumaki simply to force Naruto into her Destruction Beam's track, with no remorse displayed in trying to kill an innocent girl, seemingly enjoying the thought of it. On the contrary, she was shocked and furious when Kawaki blocked the hit at the cost of his own arm, never expecting he would sacrifice himself in such a manner. Like Jigen, she saw Kawaki as no more than the "Vessel" for Kara, in which she openly treated him as an object as opposed to a person with free will, hence her anger at him for using his own body as a shield.

After being repurposed by Katasuke Tōno and Amado as a soldier for Konohagakure, apparently still remembering her past identity, she takes in stride her new identity as she showed no problem attacking Code, while still retaining her harsh and irritable nature. However, she can still be ordered to act against Konoha by falling under Ada's allure. She also seemed to have gained some childish traits, such as pouting and whining when Sumire threatened to deactivate her after Delta insisted on seeing Ada again. She also seem to be less reckless then previously as she scolding Kawaki for reckless engaging in battle.


Delta has long, curly, blonde hair and light purple eyes with yellow eye-shadow, with vertical lines running through her pupils and irides. She has a green tattoo (black in the anime) of the Roman numeral "I" in the centre of her forehead and wears yellow lipstick and matching nail polish on her fingernails and toe nails. She wears a black cloak with a pink inner colour, a turquoise outfit with an exposed heart shape cut-out on her back, triangle shape cut-out bishop sleeves, a triangle shape cut-out on her chest, white wrist cuffs, pink triangle earrings, with black and red striped tights, and long white high-heeled shinobi sandals. In the manga, Delta's outfit was embroidered with pink studs in the centre.[2]

After being reprogrammed as an ally of Konoha, the symbol on her forehead was altered to resemble cross between a triangle and Konoha's symbol, and she was given new attire consisting of a turquoise tube mini dress, white fingerless evening gloves, and a collared capelet fastened with a pink triangular clasp with a spiral design resembling Konoha's symbol, along with her familiar black and red striped striped tights, triangle earrings, and white long high-heeled sandals.


Being an Inner of Kara, Delta is regarded as holding completely monstrous abilities,[3] evident by her mere presence terrifying Kawaki to the point of sweating and being capable of contending with the Seventh Hokage, who is well-regarded to be the strongest shinobi in history, although Naruto was not fighting her with any killing intent.[4][5] She can also use the Yin Release to perform the Genjutsu Communication.[6]

Body Modifications[]

Delta's Beam of Light

Delta using Destruction Beam.

Delta's body has been extensively enhanced by Amado with highly-advanced Shinobi-ware to the point where she had become a full cyborg, capable of body transformations similar to Kawaki's.[4] Even more, her very consciousness can be uploaded into replica bodies. On her back, she keeps a Spy Drone which records her consciousness should she be destroyed, and cannot be detected by chakra sensing as it doesn't use chakra, allowing it to spy more effectively. It can also track invisible targets.[7] She can modify her legs for high-speed travel, creating practical rocket legs similar to those used by the Asura Path.[8] After being remodeled in Konoha, she can now simply levitate and fly without the need to produce rocket legs.[9][10] Her eyes can absorb and release ninjutsu, as she did with Naruto's Rasengan or alternatively, launch a powerful attack known as the Destruction Beam,[11] capable of overpowering the strongest of regenerative abilities. She could also create several wood-like protrusions from her legs that are strong enough to pierce even the defences of Naruto's Kurama Mode and Six Paths Sage Mode shroud. Her modifications grant her tremendous raw strength, able to casually grind her fingers through the trunk of a sturdy tree and make Naruto bleed with a single punch. She has also displayed the ability to shroud herself with chakra to increase her physical abilities.[4] She can also trigger her body to self-destruct, creating a very large explosion.


Delta has shown herself extremely skilled with taijutsu, able to contend against the Seventh Hokage despite him being in Six Paths Sage Mode, landing several strong hits on her opponent and able to force Naruto to keep his guard up and pressure him when combined with her Shinobi-Ware.[4]

New Era[]

Kara Actuation Arc[]

Main article: Kara Actuation Arc In the anime, Delta was present when Jigen called a meeting with the Inners, informing them of the destruction of one their facilities in Amegakure set by an Outer.

Ao Arc[]

Main article: Ao Arc In the anime, as Delta was testing out the latest modifications to her body, she grew annoyed at how her legs didn't seem to react as fast as she wanted. She called Amado for assistance, believing he slacked off on the work. Later, she joined Amado in overseeing the transport of the "vessel" in Victor's stealth ship, sceptic of his helpfulness.

Delta attended a meeting held by Jigen to discuss the urgent situation relating to the missing "vessel". As Jigen dispelled the genjutsu, he voiced that they must recover the "vessel" at all costs. In the anime, she was called by Amado alongside the other Inners to have their bodies checked to detect anything suspicious regarding the traitor under the pretense of just being a maintenance. She was also shocked to learn from Amado that Victor was killed by Koji. Delta would later taunt Code about Koji being on Jigen's good side, as well as Code's own need to impress him.

Kara Discussion

Delta discussing a traitor with Amado and Code.

Later, as Delta prepared to test the maintenance work on her body, she was attacked by Code. He had decided to uncover the traitor himself, starting his interrogation with Delta since her number was "I". As he accused her, Delta countered that Code seemed the most pleased at the vessel's disappearance. Code was furious and primed to attack, only for Amado to arrive to calm things down. He revealed that the system check on everyone revealed no signs of treachery. Delta however pointed out that Amado could have been using the situation to hide his own treachery. While Amado insisted he had nothing to gain from clearing the innocence of others if he really is the traitor, Delta remained wary of him. Delta would later sneak in to check on the files on Code and considered Koji Kashin a traitor.

Kawaki Arc[]

Main article: Kawaki Arc During dinner with Jigen, Delta was concerned about Koji Kashin trying to retrieve Kawaki. After listening to Jigen's reasoning, she angrily kicked away the table and demanded to know the leader's explanation for how long the vessel's recovery was taking. Delta later received permission from Jigen to check on the mission's progress herself, and report back to him if there are any issues.

Delta and Koji watch the battle

Delta and Koji watch Kawaki.

She joined Koji from afar and was asked by him if she brought an Outer which she confirmed that she brought Garō to retrieve Kawaki. She watched as the defiant Kawaki attacked Garō. Delta was also surprised to find out Boruto Uzumaki has a possession of Kāma. After Kawaki killed Garō and fainted from overheating, Delta felt it would be a good time to get rid of the Konoha-nin and retrieve Kawaki. Koji argued that Boruto having a Kāma warranted further observation before taking action, and that with the blimp crash, it was inevitable that the world would learn of Kara's existence. Later, she and Koji arrived at the main gates of Konohagakure to retrieve Kawaki.

Delta stated that it would be difficult infiltrating, but despite her statement, she was told to stay put by Koji, who entered the village without setting the barrier off. Much to her dismay, she believed that Koji tricked her so he could continue the mission without her surveillance. Growing impatient with Koji not returning and being in an angry mood to kill someone, she launched a drone from her back as it could bypass Konoha's barrier without being detected, and requested it to locate and inform her of Kawaki's whereabouts before it flew off. When it found him training with Boruto, she entered the village's airspace, during which her presence became known to Ino and the Konoha Barrier Team, and launched herself towards his location using her transformed legs. Approaching the vessel, she encountered the Seventh Hokage and his two children beside him.

Delta Vs Naruto

Delta fighting Naruto.

Delta boldly demanded Kawaki to be handed over. Kawaki confirmed her identity as an Inner from Kara to Naruto. Naruto gave instructions to Boruto and Kawaki before fighting Delta. Naruto initially outperformed her in taijutsu, but Delta began using her shinobi-ware to launch sneak attacks and absorb Naruto's Rasengan. The battle escalated as Naruto entered his Six Paths Sage Mode, but Delta was able to pin him down. Naruto tried to discern Delta's objectives, but Delta was able to see through his ruse, noticing he was already healing, and considering him to be a monster much like herself. She activated a chakra cloak of her own before continuing to fight Naruto, using his own absorbed Rasengan against him.

As Naruto began to gradually wear down his foe, realising that she couldn't beat the Hokage at this rate, Delta unleashed her ace, a destructive eye-beam that would override even the strongest of regenerative powers. While Naruto managed to dodge the lethal beams, the split-attention let Delta begin landing more solid blows. Fearing for his father's safety, Boruto recklessly launched his Vanishing Rasengan on the foe, who quickly absorbed the attack to reenergise herself. Going for a new tactic, Delta then launched her beam at Himawari, knowing that she would inevitably hit someone, whether it be her target or the Hokage acting as a human shield for his daughter. To everyone's surprise however, it was Kawaki who blocked the blast, at the cost of his right arm. Regardless, this turn of events greatly angered Delta even more.

Delta defeated

Delta defeated.

Delta scolded Kawaki for damaging his body, which as the "Vessel", she considered to belong to Kara and Jigen. She believed Amado capable of healing the damage. As an enraged Naruto continues the fight with Delta, the two exchange blows until Delta hits the ground. As he approached, Delta attempted to finish him with her eye beams point-blank, but he dispersed it with a Big Ball Rasengan. Delta absorbed it, and Naruto made a bigger Rasengan, to the point her eye could no longer absorb chakra, causing it to fail and losing the connection with her drone. She attempted a physical attack, but Naruto dodged her and landed his Super-Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan on her, leaving her on the bottom of a large crater.

As her last defence, her body self-destructed, making her enemies retreat from the blast. However, her still intact drone retreated to a Kara base, where it connected to a terminal and activated a spare body. Furious at her defeat, she vowed to get revenge on Naruto, only to be teased by fellow Inners and for Jigen to silence the discussion. She reported that Koji decided to let events play out to gather more information, and that Boruto had a genuine Kāma of his own. Later, after Jigen defeated Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha in battle, sealing the former away, he returned to Kara's headquarters with his body breaking down. Delta watched on as Jigen was hooked up by Amado to treat his body. She watched as the two discussed the situation, and insulted Amado when he looked at her.

Delta Deactivated

Delta disabled by Amado.

Later, in the anime, Delta went to check on Boro in the other dimension as they lost contact with him. There, she found that he had been killed and that the Hokage had escaped. She soon reported to Jigen, who tasked her with destroying Boro's cult base, ensuring that no one could gain access to his Space-Time Gate. Upon reaching the base, she began incinerating all in her sight without hesitation. Upon completing her mission, very few followers of the cult remained. Later, she discovered Koji and Amado attempting to leave without Jigen's permission and tried to stop them, but was deactivated by a shut down command issued by Amado.

Later, according to Amado, Code was the only surviving Inner of Kara left, implying that the shut down command issue he had given to stop Delta was permanent or that only he could disable it. In the anime, Amado had also disposed of her spare bodies so that they would not fall into enemy hands.

Omnipotence Arc[]

Main article: Omnipotence Arc

Delta Reprogrammed

A reprogrammed Delta appears before Code.

Following his defection to Konoha and Isshiki's demise, Amado developed a new, stronger body for Delta to be a "powerful ally to Konoha". When Code infiltrated Amado's lab using a Claw Mark placed on Shikamaru Nara, Shikamaru activated her and instructed Delta to attack Code, much to her annoyance. After she pinned him down, Code used a Claw Mark to bring Ada into the lab, to everyone's surprise.

Delta attacked Ada, but instantly became infatuated due to Ada's ability, unable to land her kick, and obeyed Ada's command to release Code. She was unable to explain herself to Shikamaru, finding Ada cute. As Ada noted Kawaki was approaching fast, she decided to retreat with Code and take Amado as a hostage. Shikamaru attempted to hold them, but Ada ordered Delta to help her, so she kicked Shikamaru, his dodge breaking the hold of his jutsu. Delta asked Ada to visit again.

Learning of Ada's relocation to Konoha, she flew to Sarada and Mitsuki, asking their permission to see her. They refused, noting she was particularly affected by Ada's entrancing ability. Sumire arrived and issued Delta's shutdown command, deactivating her. The next day, when Ada asked for Sarada and Sumire to join her, Delta attempted to tag along, but Sumire threatened to shut her down again. Katasuke promised to keep her under better observation, much to Delta's dismay, as Delta found them mean.

Delta complained about Kawaki's attitude as he rushed Ada to find Boruto's location. Ada asked her to look after Kawaki, so she followed him, warning him she'd kill him the moment Ada lost interest in him. Nearing Boruto's location, Delta wondered if Boruto sensed them, but Kawaki denied it, as they'd feel each other. She found them unlucky. When Hidari and Jūra invaded the village, Delta and Kawaki went to fight them. Kawaki was kicked aside, and Delta went to check on him.

She was relieved (for Ada's sake) when Kawaki awoke and made a full recovery. Kawaki then detected Boruto again. She joined Kawaki to face him. Despite the powers Kawaki wielded, he was effortlessly defeated by Boruto, taking him down with a single punch. Boruto noted that Kawaki hadn't trained enough in the past three years. Delta added that his training was lacking. Annoyed by this, Kawaki's Kāma activated, which caused Boruto's to activate as well. This prompted Boruto to retreat in fear of losing control.

When it was reported that Himawari was being targeted by the intruders, Kawaki quickly rushed off to help her, who Delta quickly followed. Along the way, Delta asked Kawaki what he hopes to do against the same foe who just previously defeated him with ease. As Kawaki remained silent, they were quickly outpaced by the sudden arrival of Boruto, who quickly carried Himawari to safety.

In Other Media[]

Video Games[]

Delta is a playable character in the following video games:

Game nameJapanese releaseEnglish release
Naruto x Boruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections16 November 202317 November 2023


  • Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. It may be a reference to either Delta encoding, a way of storing or transmitting data in the form of differences (deltas), or Delta Electronics, Inc., sometimes simply abbreviated as DELTA, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company.


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