Tayuya plays her Demonic Flute in order to control the three Doki. The tune she plays determines their overall behaviour, as well as how each individual Doki moves, attacks, and works with each other. In order to prevent opponents from analysing which tune produces which action, Tayuya embeds the tunes within a complicated melody; to be able to do this requires a good ear for music and skill with a flute.[1] Although the music itself can't be deciphered, careful study can allow opponents to read Tayuya's finger configurations, giving them a way to predict what the Doki will do. For instance, the tune played with Tayuya's right index and ring fingers and left middle and pinky fingers causes the shirtless Doki to bend forward.[2]


  • The name of this technique is a pun on "armament" (武装, busō) and "sonata" (奏曲, sōkyoku).


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