An abominable and tremendous Ice Release technique, which is passed down only within the Yuki clan. Due to its durability, it's regarded as a technique that no method can defeat, such as Fire Release techniques.[2]


In an instant, the user can form floating mirrors out of ice, which they can enter and launch out of at exceedingly high speed levels. If the mirror the user is in is broken, they can leap out of one of the fragments and continue his attack or move to another mirror. The technique requires a large amount of chakra to maintain, so the user's movement becomes progressively slower the longer they maintain the mirrors.[3]

One of Haku's usages of the technique involves trapping his opponent in a a dome of twenty-one mirrors. Twelve remain at ground level, eight float above the first twelve and angled towards the ground, and the final mirror is above the rest and facing the ground. It's near impossible to follow attacks sent out from this incredible movement. As every mirror shows his reflection, one could say it's impossible to see all of Haku's attacks. Even if the opponent tries to attack the real body, Haku will have already moved to another mirror.[1] Without eyes like the Sharingan, it will be impossible to keep track of him.

Haku's other usage involves individual mirrors, which he can create them high in the sky allowing him to take out airborne targets. The cold which emanates from the mirrors is also enough to cause snow to fall.[4]


  • In the manga and anime, Haku calls this technique by its full name, "Secret Technique: Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals" (秘術・魔鏡氷晶, Hijutsu: Makyō Hyōshō). However, the databook entry for this technique drops the "Secret Technique" part.


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