Through the Outer Path, the user is able to manifest chakra chains which bind and restrict the power of anyone they touch. According to Obito, this binding power is far greater than that of Nagato's Outer Path.[1] The chains possess a cursed seal which suppresses the power of tailed beasts,[2] and also cause a great deal of pain to their victims.[3]

Obito generated these chains from the black receivers he implanted in his Six Paths of Pain, which were made up of former jinchūriki. By connecting the chains to his hand, he was able to bind and suppress the tailed beasts he temporarily resealed inside them when they resisted his control.[3] The beasts were also bound by chains within their consciousness; when the black receivers were removed from their jinchūriki's bodies, these chains were replaced with a single larger chain connecting directly to the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, permitting Obito to quickly reseal them inside the statue.[4] When Naruto Uzumaki was trapped inside the Four-Tails' mouth, Obito attempted to capture him by dragging it inside of his own body with these chains.[5]

The Demonic Statue itself is able to emit chakra chains from its mouth. When Madara retrieved his Rinnegan and took control of the statue, he caused it to produce chains with tips shaped like a dragon's head.[6] These chains were able to quickly restrain and seal all nine tailed beasts by wrapping around their necks like collars and dragging them into the statue. They were also capable of preventing any transformed jinchūriki from cancelling Tailed Beast Mode, as well as extracting the tailed beasts from within said jinchūriki. In the event that they are severed, these chains can easily be reconnected.[7]

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