This is the article on the technique used through the Outer Path. For the technique used by Kushina Uzumaki, head to Chakra Chains.

A technique derived from the Outer Path,[1] which allows the user to manifest chakra chains to bind their target. These chains are strong enough to bind several tailed beasts to a user, even remotely. Through the use of chakra receivers, the user can manifest the chains in other beings, binding a target to the user. These chains are also capable of binding anything that touches the chakra receiver,[2] and according to the Five-Tails, it causes a great deal of pain.[3]

Tobi not only uses this method to control his Six Paths of Pain, but also the tailed beasts sealed within them, using just a single receiver embedded into the left side of the chest of each of the revived jinchūriki. This also serves to bind the chakra of the tailed beasts, still bound to Tobi via the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, to the jinchūriki, allowing them to use their abilities, while also permitting Tobi to quickly reseal them inside the statue should his control over them be broken.[4]

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