"Desire…!!" (願望…!!, Ganbō…!!, Viz: The Wish…!!) is chapter 199 of the original Naruto manga.


As he watches the prisoners fight each other, Kabuto tells the dying Kimimaro about Sasuke. Of comparable abilities to Kimimaro, Sasuke is to be Orochimaru's new host body. Whereas Kimimaro is too sick to fill this role, Sasuke is now too late. Orochimaru approaches the victor, Gen'yūmaru, who realises what is about to happen to him. He asks that Orochimaru at least release his family, which Orochimaru agrees to before taking control of his body. Kimimaro, regretting that he could not help Orochimaru, leaves, deciding to be useful one last time by retrieving Sasuke. Elsewhere, the remaining members of the Sasuke Recovery Team catch up to Sakon and Tayuya. The Oto ninja spot them and Sakon goes in to attack.


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