At some point, the user of this technique will set up an array of barrier tags, which are camouflaged by surroundings. If the target is not aware of the camouflaged tags, the presence of the target will ignite the trap automatically. Once activated, a dark red chakra sphere will form, trapping the target inside. Anyone caught in the trap as it activates will be compressed in its container, devoured, and crushed.

The trap was dispelled by Shikamaru via Shadow Sewing Technique before it could do so. When it is dispelled, it will be shattered like broken glass and disappear.


  • This technique is somewhat similar mechanics to the Curse Mandala technique, as both allow to manipulate the size of a shape composed of chakra and crushing the target inside the container. The difference is, the Curse Mandala needs some hand seal to activate, but this technique is running automatically.
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