"Disembarking…!!" (上陸…!!, Jōriku…!!, Viz: Going Ashore) is chapter 11 of the original Naruto manga.


Team 7 agrees to continue protecting Tazuna. Since they are risking their lives for him, Tazuna tells them about why he lied about the mission. The Land of Waves has fallen under the control of a man named Gatō, who has reduced the country to poverty in order to continue his illegal import and export business. Tazuna hopes that, by building a bridge that will connect the Land of Waves with the mainland, he will be able to free the country from Gatō's control, which Gatō intends to stop by killing Tazuna. He adds that he had wanted to pay for the B-rank mission that this will be, but could only afford a C-rank. As soon as they arrive in the Land of Waves they are attacked by Zabuza Momochi, a skilled assassin.

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