Disturbance Taijutsu (攪乱体術, Kakuran Taijutsu) refers to Killer B's unique fighting style.


Akin to a warrior's dance performance, B is able to rapidly and relentlessly bombard his target, with precision, at various angles and locations. This style, comprised of sheer unpredictable movements, can easily catch his opponents off-guard. Even those who wield the Sharingan have shown to have had trouble keeping up with B's movements and were forced to go on the defensive or retreat.[2][3] B is also able to employ this technique against multiple of opponents, as shown in his fight with Taka.

Combining this fighting style's wild nature with swords, B is able to increase the lethality of his attacks. B, using any number of swords can easily close in on and exploit an opponent's vital points.[1] To maximise the style's killing potential, he could, in tandem with his seven Supervibrato Lightning Release Swords, make use of his unique and peculiar kenjutsu Acrobat.[1]


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