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ドカン Dokan
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #452
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Dokan (ドカン, Dokan) is a genin of Konohagakure. He was an academy student during the time Itachi Uchiha attended his first year at the academy.


Dokan defeated by Itachi

Dokan quickly defeated by Itachi.

One day, Dokan accidentally bumped into Saisu Kamano and his two friends. Angered by the behaviour of the three freshmen, he quickly snapped and attacked them. When they hid behind Itachi, Dokan asked him if he was their friend, to which Itachi simply raised his hand to challenge him to a duel. However, the furious Dokan ignored his official challenge and attacked him unceremoniously, just to be quickly defeated by the child genius.

Dokan punches Itachi's clone

Dokan lands a hit on "Itachi".

Enraged by this humiliation, he gathered a large group of friends and attacked the outgunned group of Itachi, Saisu and their friends. During the ensuing brawl, Dokan tried to attack Itachi who evaded all attacks without fighting back. When Itachi finally got pinned down however, Dokan landed a firm hit. Everybody present was shocked to see Itachi dissolving afterwards, revealing that it was a Shadow Clone they were dealing with all along. Some time later, Dokan and his friends were promoted to be genin and watched Itachi disapprovingly, who, despite being much younger, graduated alongside them.


Dokan is easy to enrage and prone to violence, acting high and mighty towards younger academy students. He also resorts to dirty tactics, attacking a smaller group of weaker students with many more experienced friends, just to get his revenge.


Dokan as a genin

Dokan as a genin.

Dokan has a long, brown mullet, large eyebrows, and grey eyes. During his days in the academy, he donned a red vest, a plain dark shirt and bandages around his wrists, grey pants and blue sandals. Over his stomach, he also wrapped white bandages. As a genin, he additionally wore a blue Konohagakure forehead protector.


During his time at the academy, Dokan showed great physical prowess, able to shatter the ground with his fist.


  • "Dokan" can either mean "earthen pipe" (土管) or "with a bang" (どかん) (as an onomatopoeic word).
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