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Don The Koala
ドン Don

  • Don the Giant Koala (大コアラのドン , Dai Koara no Don)
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #254
Appears in Anime
Sex Gender Male Male
Species Koala
  • Leader of the Koalas

Don (ドン, Don) is a koala residing on the Island Turtle. He is one of the four fiercest animals to reside there.


According to Condor, Don is trapped in a four-way lovers spat with King, Hippo Boss and Chūji over the affections of Armadiko. Whenever the four are together, they immediately start fighting believing themselves to be the most suitable partner for Armadiko.


Don is a very hard-headed individual who will not back down from a challenge as noted by Condor who states that he would not back down from the challenge over Armadiko's affections even though he feared King.


Don is a grey koala with light markings around his eyes and ears and along his body. He also has three, vertical scars on his forehead. When introduced, Don resembled an Italian mafia boss wearing a brown suit, a matching bowler hat, with a red scarf draped over his shoulders and a lit cigar in his mouth. By the time Naruto Uzumaki was carrying out his mission on the island, he had on no clothing at all.

Part II

Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown

Animal love square

Don and the others fighting over Armadiko's affections.

At the time of the recruitment of all the animals on the island by Naruto, Don was seen fighting Chūji and Hippo Boss. As King joins the fray, Don and the other are easily defeated by the gorilla. However, when Armadiko arrives and tells them that she had fallen in love with Naruto, the four animals band together and declare that they are going to beat him to death. This leads to Don chasing after Naruto across the island. Later, sulking and somewhat beaten up, Don and the other join the line entering the temple. Seeing Armadiko cosy up to Naruto, they look on in jealousy before quickly looking away as Naruto asks them if they want to fight again.

Armadiko's gender uncovered

The four commiserating the revelation that Armadiko is male.

Later outraged when Naruto declares that he was going to start the ecological survey which required that he see the animals' genitalia in order to know their sexes, Don and the others voice their dissent when Naruto states that he wanted to know whether or not Armadiko was female because of the kanji pattern for male on its armour. Soon after this, tremors are felt on the island and the animals are then thrown into the air after the Island Turtle is flipped over. Saved by Yamato's quick thinking, Don and the others are shocked when they see that an unconscious Armadiko is actually male. The four are then seen commiserating the revelation.


  • In chapter 513, when running a mission ecology on the Island Turtle a koala that resembles Don can be seen.
  • The term "don" is an honourific that is famous for being used as the title for Italian mafia bosses, which Don first dressed as when he débuted.
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