"Don't Forget…!!" (忘れるな…!!, Wasureruna…!!, Viz: Never Forget…!!) is chapter 179 of the original Naruto manga.


The Sound Four remark that Orochimaru is wasting his time with Sasuke. Sasuke activates his cursed seal in an effort to prove them wrong, but they are unimpressed since they have greater control over their own cursed seals. They remind him of his desire to kill Itachi and promise that Orochimaru could give him the strength he needs, improving his cursed seal being only one of many possibilities. They leave Sasuke to pick between Orochimaru and Konoha, and Sasuke reaches a decision. Elsewhere, Lee reflects on his dreams of becoming a splendid ninja that excels in taijutsu. As he remembers the confidence Guy has always had in him, Guy comes to see him.

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