This technique allows the user to create a protective wall out of earth. One method of doing this is for the user to convert chakra in their body into an earthen material that they spit from their mouth; the more skilled the user, the greater the volume of earth that can be created. The earth quickly piles up into a defensive wall, blocking incoming attacks. Although the muddy material is solid on its own, it is further fortified with a coat of chakra, making it more resistant to fire and water than it would otherwise be.[1]

A second method of performing this technique is to instead manipulate pre-existing earth directly: by placing their hands on the ground, users can raise the ground as a barrier in front of them.[2] Walls erected in this way are typically featureless, but users can alter the appearance if they choose; Kakashi Hatake adorns his with bulldog sculptures. Users are not limited to strictly defensive uses for this technique, as they can create walls behind targets to prevent them from escaping[3] or even to entirely surround and encase said targets.[4] The anime shows users creating these walls from afar.[5]


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