The Earth Release: Sandwich Technique is a strong ninjutsu which is utilised by Iwagakure.


The user creates two enormous rock formations that close in on the opponent from opposing sides with tremendous force, smashing everything caught in between. As the size of the formations can be regulated by the amount of chakra used to create and maintain it,[1] the technique was capable of dwarfing even the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path in size and reaching heights large enough to temporarily trap the Ten-Tails. Kitsuchi stated that this was his strongest technique, standing as a testament to both this ability's destructive potential and its difficulty.

In the anime, it was shown that the technique can be used on a smaller scale against a group of enemies.[2]

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  • The word sando is a Japanese abbreviation for the English word sandwich. The technique is written with the kanji for "mountain" and "earth", both pronounced with their onyomi, while they would usually be pronounced with their kunyomi as "yamatsuchi".
  • Each half of the rock formation has the symbol of Iwagakure inscribed upon it. Though, in the anime, the rock formations initially didn't have any details like the Iwagakure symbol etched onto it. They were added in a later episode.


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