The user creates a dome of earth around a target or targets, trapping them inside. The walls of the dome have chakra flowing within, which quickly repairs any damage that its prisoners may do to it. If the user remains in contact with the dome, they are able to absorb the chakra of those who are imprisoned, making them weaker over time; Jirōbō likes to do this in order to gain sustenance from his enemies.[1] Although the dome is difficult to escape from, it isn't impossible: the chakra within its walls isn't evenly distributed, being at its thinnest on the side of the dome opposite to where the user is standing. If the prisoners can ascertain where this weak spot is and then focus a sufficiently powerful attack on it, they will be able to break out.[2]


  • Dorō (土牢) means "Earth Prison". However, the usual pronunciation of these kanji is "tsuchirō", meaning "dungeon". Likewise, dōmu (堂無) is written with the kanji for "Magnificent Nothingness", but, when written in katakana (ドーム), it means "dome".

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