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Ehou Norimaki
海苔巻エホウ Norimaki Ehō
Anime Boruto Episode #154
Appears in Anime
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Sex Gender Male Male

Ehō Norimaki (海苔巻エホウ, Norimaki Ehō) is a young citizen of Konohagakure.


Ehō is an eager boy. He is deeply committed to becoming a shinobi, and extends his admiration to those who are similarly committed. As a consequence, he is critical of those who show hesitation and indecisiveness. His confident personality allows him to have more withdrawn peers follow him.


Ehō has black hair that is swept to the right side and brown eyes. He wears a green jacket with a grey stripe near the zipper, a black scarf, and grey pants. His shinobi sandals are brown and open toed.


Despite not yet being a shinobi, Ehō trains diligently with his grandfather. During a trial day at the Academy, Ehō had no issue completing any of the physical tasks, only having trouble with the Tree Climbing Practice.

New Era

In the anime, Ehō took part of a one-day trial at the Academy. He was enthusiastic upon learning the Hokage's daughter would also participate, to the point of wanting to be her rival when they both did well in physical tasks. However, upon learning Himawari wasn't yet sure she wanted to be a shinobi, it vexed him, causing him to act dismissive towards her. When the group took part in a mission to find a lost cat, he criticised Himawari's indecision, and accidentally knocked over a hornet hive in his frustration. He stopped Himawari from using a flare to signal abandoning the mission, and left with Yuina. Ehō and Yuina managed to find the cat, but ended up trapped in a well. He wanted to use his flare, but Himawari jumped down and convinced him not to, and the three were able to climb out on their own. He apologised for his behaviour, and insisted Himawari hit him in return.

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