This is a secret taijutsu of the Hyūga clan's main house, traditionally only known by the head of the clan and the clan's heir. Neji Hyūga, a member of a branch house, was able to learn this technique through mere observation, a testament to his genius. Using their Byakugan's near-360° field of vision, the Hyūga envisions themselves within the centre of an Eight Trigrams symbol. The user then delivers a series of attacks to a target that is within the symbol's perimeter, striking sixty-four of their tenketsu. Those sixty-four tenketsu are subsequently blocked, stopping the flow of chakra within the target's body and making it difficult for them to move.[1] Alternatively, the sixty-four strikes can be split amongst multiple targets, such as to to deflect incoming projectiles.[2]

The sixty-four strikes are broken into six smaller sets. Users perform each set of strikes within the same length of time, but because each set has more strikes than the one before it, the set's strikes become increasingly faster. The last set, during which thirty-two strikes are performed, is especially difficult, demanding great resolve and a strong step forward to pull off.[3] As targets are struck, they are increasingly knocked backwards, with the combined force of the final sets being great enough to push them through tree trunks.[4] The six sets of strikes are:

  1. Two consecutive strikes.
  2. Two more consecutive strikes, totalling four.
  3. Four consecutive strikes, totalling eight.
  4. Eight consecutive strikes, totalling sixteen.
  5. Sixteen consecutive strikes, totalling thirty-two.
  6. Thirty-two consecutive strikes, totalling sixty four.


  • In the anime, Shira was able to block all sixty-four strikes because of his speed and taijutsu skill.[5]

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