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Enchū Nara
奈良エンチュウ Nara Enchū
Anime Boruto Episode #97
Appears in Anime
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Sex Gender Male Male
  • Elder advisor of the Nara clan

Enchū Nara (奈良エンチュウ, Nara Enchū) is an elder adviser for the Nara clan.


Enchū has been serving as the personal adviser for the Nara Clan since before Shikaku was leader. He once pushed for Shikamaru to get into politics on the grounds that the boy's keen intellect would prove vital in diplomacy for the clan, only for Shikamaru to turn it down, finding such a career path too over-stimulating.


Enchū cares deeply for the growth and prosperity of his clan, to the point he can be very critical on how it appears at times. A seasoned man, he knows that being a powerful ninja is not the only way to make a difference in the world. He works to sure make the most capable and talented of his clan are pushed to their limits.


Enchū is an elderly man of tall height and slim built. He has noticeable wrinkles about his face and white hair with a trimmed moustache and chin-beard. He usually wears grey robes with a matching cap.


While unknown what his abilities are, it was noted by Shikamaru that the entire Nara clan has been very indebted to him for decades. Even more, it can be assumed as a well-respected member of the clan, he is well-versed and highly proficient in its various secret techniques of shadow manipulation.

New Era

When learning that Shikamaru, as head of the Nara clan and chief adviser to the Hokage, would not be joining his wife Temari for Wind Daimyō's banquet, he voiced his dismay at Shikamaru not making more of an effort to improve the reputation of the Nara Clan. This came from talk of the Land of Wind finding Shikamaru as unworthy of marrying the eldest sister of the Fifth Kazekage. Shikamaru insisted that he was working hard on strengthening their clan while continuing his duties to the Naruto, but the elder insisted that Shikamaru's efforts were too split and affecting the development of his only son, Shikadai.

Unbeknownst to him, Shikadai overhead the conversation and, not wanting to let his clan down, began prioritising the development and usage of his clan's signature techniques. When these efforts began affecting Shikadai's performance on missions, Enchū saw this as an opportunity to enlist Shikadai for the political world. Telling Shikadai about how connections to the Fire Daimyō and the latter's interest in teaching politics to promising young people, he offered Shikadai a two-year internship under the Fire Daimyō, insisting that it would be a great honour, which Shikadai strongly considered. Later, much to Enchū's dismay, Shikadai turned it down, instead deciding he would prove the Nara Clan's worth of uniting with the Kazekage's family by mastering both Nara Hiden and Wind Release techniques.

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