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"Enter the Five Kage…!!" (五影登場…!!, Gokage Tōjō…!!) is chapter 454 of the original Naruto manga.


The Kage prepare for the Kage Summit, each leaving their respective villages with two bodyguards. Before Danzō sets out he issues orders for Kabuto's capture, wishing to use Kabuto's knowledge to repair his right arm and eye. In Konoha, Karui and Omoi interrogate Naruto about Sasuke but he cannot bring himself to say anything against his friend since killing him would not save Killer B and would just start a war driven by vengeance. Naruto offers to let Karui take out her anger on him, which she readily accepts and proceeds to punch Naruto repeatedly. Eventually Sai stops her, which Naruto is not happy with at the time, but thanks him later.

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五影登場…!! +
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