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金色エトロ Konjiki Etoro
Novel Gaara Hiden: A Sandstorm Mirage
Appears in Novel
Sex Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
Kekkei Genkai
  • Terrorist
Nature Type

Etoro Konjiki (金色エトロ, Konjiki Etoro) was a terrorist of Ishigakure and Metoro Konjiki's older twin brother. Etoro, alongside his brother, specialised in destroying buildings or merchant ships.


Compared to his younger brother, Metoro, Etoro was very talkative and the more outgoing of the two.


Etoro had crimson-coloured eyes and wore gaudy earrings. Not much else is known about his appearance, except that with Etoro and his brother being twins, they were similar in appearance, as Gaara noted them using their appearance as a factor in tricks.


Etoro was capable of combining Earth and Fire Release nature transformations to use the Lava Release kekkei genkai, which took the form of melting flames. With it, Etoro was capable of launching flaming bullets and expanding flame rings, which were capable of melting other substances and creating fire storms from the high pressure. He also showed some capability in genjutsu, combining it with a basic Clone Technique to trick his targets into making the first move, leaving themselves open to cooperative attacks. Gaara noted that Etoro and his younger brother, Metoro Konjiki had large war potential.

Blank Period

Gaara Hiden: A Sandstorm Mirage

Etoro and his younger twin brother Metoro were in an organisation of terrorists, who were targeting Gaara, with the Kazekage recognising the two terrorists from the Bingo Book. As the two boasted about their achievements, Gaara attacked them with his Sand Binding Coffin, but it was revealed to be just a Clone Technique in unison with genjutsu. When Gaara noticed them on the ceiling, Etoro created a ring of fire for his brother's steel ball to go through, aiming the attack at Hakuto. Their combined attack, however, was withstood by the Kazekage's Shield of Sand with support from his Wind Release. Surrounded in sand, the brothers readied their second attack, but Shijima came to back-up Gaara, throwing a bunch of hōshuriken to distract the two, with Etoro melting them. However, the compressed air in the hōshuriken greatly injured Etoro. After Gaara sliced through Metoro with his Sand Sword, Etoro, in devastation, launched a series of countless flame bullets, using up his remaining chakra, but was caught in Gaara's sand and crushed.


  • Etoro's last name, Konjiki (金色), literally means "golden colour".

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