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"Everyone of Team 7!!" (それぞれの第七版!!, Sorezore no Dainanahan!!, Viz: Cell Seven Reunion!!) is chapter 484 of the original Naruto manga.


Sasuke attacks Kakashi with Susanoo, which Kakashi blocks with Kamui. Sasuke lashes out at Kakashi for his use of the Sharingan, evidence that Konoha continues to profit from the Uchiha clan's demise. Sasuke promises to make him and the rest of the village pay for that, just as Danzō has. His hatred causes Susanoo to progress to a new level. It dissipates immediately afterwards, Sasuke's eyes finally succumbing to blindness. Sensing this, Sakura sneaks up on Sasuke and tries to kill him. She cannot bring herself to strike him, but Sasuke does not have the same reluctance. Because he used Kamui, Kakashi cannot reach her in time. She is instead saved by Naruto.


  • This is the first chapter since chapter 176 that all four original members of Team 7 are seen together.