"Everything I Have Got…!!" (ありったけの…!!, Arittake no…!!, Viz: All That I've Got!) is chapter 685 of the original Naruto manga.


After successfully entering Kaguya's dimension, Sakura makes her intentions clear, before Naruto's disintegrating shadow clone disperses, causing the events to be relayed to him. With this, he charges forward intent on distracting Kaguya until his allies could retrieve Sasuke. Activating her Strength of a Hundred Seal, Sakura transfers her chakra to Obito wrapping the seals of her technique around his body as well, as the Uchiha uses his Kamui to breach Kaguya's other dimensions. The feat itself takes a heavy toll on the duo and they are almost swallowed by a sea of acid from one dimension. Sakura however uses her body to shield them from the worst of it, discarding her damaged flak jacket in the process. Meanwhile Kaguya battles Naruto in her frozen dimension and decides not to use her Amenominaka ability in case more of what she thought to just be Naruto's clones breached her main dimension. Elsewhere, in the sand-dune dimension, Sasuke is able to make his way to the location where he felt Naruto's chakra strongly only moments before. Continuing with their toll-taking search for Sasuke, Sakura and Obito are finally able to open the dimension that Sasuke is trapped in. Calling out to him, the young Uchiha dashed towards them. With their strength wavering, however, the portal began closing; ultimately Sakura is able to pour more chakra into Obito to enlarge the closing portal once more. Their abilities at their limit, they thought their efforts had failed only to find Sasuke standing next to them. When questioned, he notes that he was able to get close enough to use his dōjutsu to swap places with Sakura's flak jacket.


  • When Naruto received the memories of his shadow clone, his eyes were shown to have normal pupils.

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