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Minister of the Land of Tea's Daimyō
茶ノ国悪家老 Cha no Kuni Akukarō
Anime Naruto Episode #102
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Sex Gender Male Male
  • Minister (Former)
  • Monk

He was the minister of the daimyō in the Land of Tea.


He has a very controlling personality and thought that he could manipulate people into doing whatever he wanted.


He is a old man with black eyebrows, short smooth ear length grey hair and slanted black-coloured eyes. He also has a small grey circular moustache. He wears a small black cup-like hat on top of his head that is tied under his chin with a white-coloured string.

Part I

Land of Tea Escort Mission

This minister and the Wagarashi family challenged Idate Morino of the Wasabi family led by Jirōchō Wasabi to a race for control of the town.

Later, it is revealed that he had done many bad things while in office. He had accepted bribes on their behalf and tried to use his authority to cheat in the outcome of the race almost dooming the Wasabi to disband forever. When the Tea Daimyō found out what his minister did, he dismissed him, stripping him of all his authority and ordered him to become a Monk.

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