A variety of cards.

The Extreme: Shinobi Picture Scrolls (激・忍絵巻, Geki: Shinobi Emaki) is a collectable card game depicting several historical shinobi. They are manufactured by the Kaminarimon Company. Each pack contains ten random cards and costs 30 ryō. Each card has a rarity level, some sort of stats, a picture along with a description and a village affiliation. Sometimes, the shinobi also has a special title, such as "Seventh Hokage". The cards are very popular amongst civilian and shinobi children alike, so much that some stores limit each customer to three purchases.

During his trip to Konohagakure, Tentō Madoka insisted on purchasing an entire store when told that he was limited to only three purchases. Boruto Uzumaki is shown to collect and add them to an album for safe keeping. Tentō also keeps his cards in an album and has bought so many that he has duplicates.

Shinobi Era Rarity Edition
Akamaru (anime only) Part I N
Akatsuchi (anime only) Part II R
Ao (anime only) Part II R
Aoba Yamashiro (anime only) N
Anko Mitarashi (anime only) N
Asuma Sarutobi Part I R (anime only)
Atsui (anime only) N
Baki (anime only) N
C (anime only) R
Chōji Akimichi (anime only) Part I R
Chōjūrō (anime only) Part II R
Ebisu (anime only) N
Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze Part I SSR
Gaara (anime only) Part I SR
Genin Gaara (anime only) R
Genin Kankurō (anime only) N
Genin Konohamaru (anime only) N
Genin Moegi (anime only) N
Genin Neji Hyūga (anime only) N
Genin Shikamaru Nara (anime only) R
Genin Udon (anime only) N
Genma Shiranui (anime only) N
Hiashi Hyūga (novel only) R
Hinata Hyūga (anime only) Part I R
Hinata Uzumaki: Santa Ver. New Era SSR Christmas Version
Hiruzen Sarutobi (anime only) SR
Ino Yamanaka Part I R/N (anime only)
Iruka Umino (anime only)
Izumo Kamizuki (anime only) N
Jōnin Kakashi Hatake (anime only) R/SSR
Jōnin Yamato (anime only) R
Kabuto Yakushi (anime only) Part I R
Kakashi Hatake Part I SSR (anime only)
Kakashi Hatake Anbu SR
Kakashi Hatake: Santa Ver. New Era SR Christmas Version
Karui (anime only) N
Kiba Inuzuka (anime only) Part I N
Killer B (anime only) Part II SR
Kurenai Yūhi (anime only) N
Sakura Haruno (anime only) Part II N
Kin-chan (anime only) N
Kotetsu Hagane (anime only) N
Kushina Uzumaki (anime only) SR
Legendary Sannin Jiraiya: Santa Ver. Part I SSR Christmas Version
Legendary Sannin Orochimaru New Era SSR
Mei Terumī (anime only) Part II SSR
Might Guy Part I R(anime only)
Minato, Tsunade & Kakashi (anime only) Part II SSR
Naruto Uzumaki (anime only) Student N
Naruto Uzumaki Part I R
Naruto Uzumaki (anime only) Part II SR
Naruto Uzumaki & Jiraiya (anime only) Part I SSR
Naruto Uzumaki & Iruka Umino (anime only) Part II SR
Naruto Uzumaki & Kurama (anime only) SSR
Neji Hyūga (anime only) Part I SR
Orochimaru (anime only) Part I SSR
Raidō Namiashi (anime only) N
Rock Lee Part I
Rock Lee (anime only) New Era N
Sai (anime only) Part II SR
Sakura Haruno Part I
Sakura Haruno (anime only) Part II R/SR
Sasuke Uchiha Part I
Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki New Era SSR
Sharingan Mode Kakashi Hatake Part I Limited Edition
Shikaku Nara (anime only) SR
Shikamaru Nara R
Shino Aburame New Era C/N (anime only)
Shino Aburame: Reindeer Ver. New Era C Christmas Version
Shizune (anime only) N
Supporting Kage Sasuke Uchiha New Era SSR
Team Asuma (anime only) Part II SSR
Team Guy (anime only) Part II R
Temari (anime only) Part I N
Tenten (anime only) N
Tobirama Senju
Tonton (anime only) Part I N
Yamato (anime only) Part II SR
Yashamaru (anime only) N


  • In Boruto chapter 12, there are two blurred cards that resemble Kurenai Yūhi and Neji Hyūga.
  • In Naruto Shinden: Parent and Child Day, Hiashi Hyūga disapproves of his card's low rarity, believing it inaccurately reflects his long and accomplished ninja career. Hinata tries to reassure him that rarity is determined by the cards' manufacturer and is not truly representative of anything. Hanabi suggests that, if Hiashi performed a mission of Hokage or Sannin-calibre, that would raise the rarity of his card.
  • Shojoji believes it was insulting that a card of him was not made, as he believes himself to be in the same calibre as Orochimaru, who had a card of SSR rarity made.