This is the article on the Fūma clan from the manga. For the anime-only Fūma clan from the Land of Sound, head to Fūma clan.
Fūma Clan
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(風魔一族, Fūma Ichizoku)
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The Fūma Clan (風魔一族, Fūma Ichizoku) is a renowned ninja clan distantly related to the Uchiha Clan,[1] famous in at least Amegakure and the Land of Fire. They are well-known as an aggressive clan and fight using their characteristic giant Fūma Shuriken; a large, four-bladed weapon said to possess preeminent sharpness.


Though related to the Uchiha clan, members of the Fūma clan lack the Sharingan.[1]

The type of shuriken they use has spread beyond the Fūma clan, as Sasuke Uchiha used one during his fight with Zabuza Momochi and several other shinobi have been seen using them since.

While travelling the world during his younger years, Jiraiya faced a member of this clan in battle. Although the outcome of this battle is unknown, Jiraiya did manage to give this Fūma member a scar on his forehead. Years later, Jiraiya faced this same ninja again. This time, the Fūma member had been made into one of Pain's bodies. The scar on his head allowed Jiraiya to recognise him and subsequently all of Pain's other bodies as well.

At some point after the Uchiha Clan Downfall the Fūma were given authority over the Konoha Military Police Force due to their distant blood relation to the Uchiha. In the new era, Kōtarō Fūma has risen to the head of the Police Force.[1]


The name Fūma (風魔) literally means "Wind Demon" and comes from a real-life ninja clan founded by the legendary Fūma Kotarō. This Fūma Kotarō is said to have defeated and killed the equally legendary samurai Hattori Hanzō (who gave his name to Hanzō, who was in turn defeated and killed by Pain).


  • Another Fūma clan is featured in the anime. It is unknown whether the Fūma clan from the anime and the manga are the same, but it is unlikely, since the names are written differently and the clans' descriptions differ
  • Some Ame shinobi speculate that Pain hails from this clan.[2] In reality, one of their clansmen was used as one of Nagato's bodies.


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