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{{translation|'''Fūshin'''|風心|Fūshin}} was the head of the [[Lightning Group]].
{{translation|'''Fūshin'''|風心|Fūshin}} was the head of the [[Lightning Group]].

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Fūshin (風心, Fūshin) was the head of the Lightning Group.


Fūshin was born on a poverty-stricken island in the Land of Water. As a child, he was ostracized for his strong abilities and was blamed for being responsible for a typhoon that destroyed his village. He was sold to a businessman named Kawabi, and endured torture and starvation by his owner. At the Coliseum, he fought against Chino but was defeated when he fell victim to her Ketsurygan genjustu. Fushin was initially hostile towards Chino for winning against him but they became close friends after bonding over their mutual loneliness of being mistreated for their abilities and having no families. Fushin also tells Chino about his past, something he has never shared with anyone. Fushin helped Chino, Karyu, and two others escape so he could help Chino get to Hell Valley. He became the leader of the Lighting Group, a group who steals money from bad people and gives it to those in need. Fushin and his team helped the people of the Bamboo Village.

After the group was betrayed by Kirigakure, they asked for shelter in the Bamboo Village, who refused to harbour them in fear of retaliation. The group dissolved, with Fushin and Chino proceeding towards Hell Valley, where they found evidence that Chino's clan had died a long time ago. Two Kirigakure shinobi attacked them before being turned into Exploding Humans by Chino, who vowed revenge.


Fūshin is a man with long green hair and yellow eyes. He is seen wearing a dark hooded cloak and has a scar under his left eye.

Blank Period

Sasuke Shinden: Book of Sunrise

Sasuke goes to the Coliseum with Orochimaru to gain information on Fushin and the Lightning Group because he suspects Fushin is involved in the disappearance of missing shinobi from Konoha, Kumogakure and Kirigakure. Although he learns the background of Fushin and his group, Sasuke never meets Fushin because his whereabouts are unknown and later finds out Fushin is not responsible for the disappearances.

In the anime, however, Fushin is revealed to have been helping Chino create exploding humans in order to find and kill Sasuke. To not draw suspicion, Fushin hires Karyu to pose as him, and he alters his appearance and uses the alias Nowaki. However, Sasuke discovers this deception and confronts Nowaki, who reveals himself to Sasuke. They fight, with Fushin's Typhoon Release being strong against Sasuke's Susanoo. However, Sasuke wins by jumping in the hole of the funnel and hitting Fushin. Fushin escapes when Sasuke is unable to get information from him.

Fushin later appears after Chino loses in a fight against Sasuke. He offers Sasuke to kill him so that Chino will be spared but Chino asks him not to because his death would leave her alone for good. Both surrender and are arrested. Afterwards, they are offered by he Mizukage to work for her in order to atone for Kirigakure's betrayal, which they accept.

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