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花月風太 Kagetsu Fūta
Anime Naruto Episode #186
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Sex Gender Male.svg Male
  • Medicinal Herb Salesman

Fūta Kagetsu (花月風太, Kagetsu Fūta) is a medicinal herb salesman and the eldest son of Tōbei Kagetsu who was supposed to inherit his father's money after his apparent death.


Fūta along with the rest of his family were once poor and would pass the time by joking around with each other.


Fūta seemed to be greedy and did not laugh easily even when his siblings, Mai and Tsukiko where all trying to make him laugh.


Fūta has short grey hair and wears glasses. He also has a dot on the middle of his forehead.

Part I

Funeral Proxy Mission

Fūta is first seen giving the will of his father to Shino Aburame and Naruto Uzumaki. He is very worried that he'll begin to laugh at his father's funeral, since that will make him lose his right to the estate, and give it the next in line. Therefore he wants Shino to be his stand-in. Later at dinner with his sister Mai, Shino and Naruto, he looks frightened on as Shino start laughing from some laughing drug in the food. At the funeral Fūta watches on, as his family all try to make Naruto laugh, which doesn't succeed, even though Fūta couldn't stop laughing himself. Later when his father made his appearance, Fūta came from his hiding being very surprised. Fūta then remembered how much fun they had as kids, and that he wanted that back.

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