All five fabrications created.

Fabrications (ツクラレ, tsukurare) were imperfect synthetic humans that were created from the genetic material of a White Zetsu by a scientist in the service of Ōnoki. Regarded as not having a will, their purpose was to act in Ōnoki's place to help create an ideal society,[1] through the act of replacing shinobi.

Some fabrications have anomalies in their DNA, giving them access to rare nature transformation. Being a clone of Ōnoki, has the kekkei tōta Dust Release, and Sekiei has access to the kekkei genkai Explosion Release, which he seemingly gained from being implanted with Explosive Clay.[2] Overexertion of one's abilities can hasten the fabrication's death, such as Kakō's rapid usage of his Dust Release ninjutsu without resting for 20 seconds in between led him to his demise.[3]

Kū with the artificial heart implanted into him.

The fabrications have limited lifespan, resulting in cracks appearing on the body when they weaken; there is no solid time each of these individuals have, but Ōnoki suggested it can range anywhere from months to the next day of their creation before they expire. Upon researching on a different type of synthetic human, Mitsuki, the scientist hypothesised that by using a human heart as raw material to create a synthetic heart for the fabrications, they can stabilise the artificial bodies and extend their lifespan. Although previously refused to test this theory on the grounds of preserving Ōnoki's philosophy, when he was fatally wounded by Mitsuki, he desperately took the scientist's heart, thus saving himself from death and apparently rejuvenating the heavily cracked body to its pristine state.[4] Once the heart was destroyed, however, his body cracked severely once again, barely clinging onto his life to perform one more Dust Release attack. Kū believed that, with Mitsuki's Sage Mode powers as a basis, they can perfect the process and create more powerful fabrications.[5]

Contrary to what Ōnoki originally believed, the fabrications gained their own free wills, stemming from a desire to live.[1] Kakō gained an exhilaration from fighting as it gave him a sensation of being alive, leading him to disobey Ōnoki's orders of not to harm Boruto, instead attacking recklessly to the point of exerting himself to death.[3] Kū, seeking to extend his wavering life, adopted an "ends justifies the means" mentality, going against Ōnoki's orders of avoiding sacrifices, and even attacking his own creator when believing his emotions are clouding his judgement.[6]

The fabrications attempted to revolt against Iwagakure due to their innate desire for a human heart to extend their lives, believing it is necessary to fulfil their duties of protecting the world. However, all five ultimately died, either by overexertion or killed in battle, thus ending the existence of fabrications as a whole.[5]

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