"Failure!!" (落ちこぼれ!!, Ochikobore!!) is chapter 103 of the original Naruto manga.


The Anbu healing Hinata finishes and gives her a chance to rest. He then knocks out Kiba. Meanwhile, although Neji believes his story proves the existence of fate, Naruto still refuses to give up. Neji attacks Naruto but he keeps getting back up, saying that he knows what it is like to bear something as seemingly unshakable as destiny. With his own chakra gone, he requests the Nine-Tails to give him its own. As its chakra starts flowing through Naruto, Neji is left speechless by the chakra's demonic qualities and its healing Naruto's wounds. Watching veteran ninja of Konoha are also surprised, recognising the fox's aura from twelve years earlier.

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