An Inuzuka and their ninken companion both perform the Passing Fang, whereby they rotate their bodies and deliver a series of rapid body blows to a target. In order to coordinate their attacks, thus ensuring targets have no opportunity to defend themselves, Inuzuka and their ninken synchronise with each other as much as they can: breathing in unison; using the Four Legs Technique; using the Beast Human Clone. As the users cross back and forth for this attack, the surrounding area is damaged as well, crushing rocks and shaving sections off the ground.[1]


  • The full name of this technique is Beast Human Taijutsu Secret Art: Fang Passing Fang (獣人体術奥義・牙通牙, Jūjin Taijutsu Ōgi: Gatsūga, literally meaning: Beast Human Body Technique Secret Art: Fang Passing Fang).
  • In the Naruto: Clash of Ninja series, Kakashi performs his own version of this technique.

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