After an Inuzuka and their ninken combine into a Double-Headed Wolf, they begin spinning extremely rapidly towards their target. Because of how fast they spin, they are not able to see while using this technique, necessitating that targets be marked beforehand so that they can be tracked by smell.[1] In the anime, Kiba and Akamaru are eventually able to overcome this handicap.[2] Regardless of how targets may try to evade them,[3] the Double-Headed Wolf pursues them until it's finally able to strike. Even without a direct hit, targets will receive extensive cutting damage from the vacuum vortex that's created by the Fang Wolf Fang's rotation.[1] The Fang Wolf Fang is powerful enough to sever Ukon from Sakon and leave a dent in the Summoning: Rashōmon. But such power places a great strain on the users' bodies, limiting the number of times that they can perform Fang Wolf Fang.[3]

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