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"Father and Mother" (『父』と『母』, "Chichi" to "Haha") is episode 23 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


The Third Kazekage, being a human puppet, was built to retain the chakra the body once had when it was alive, allowing the Third to use his special Iron Sand techniques. Sasori unleashes the Third's Iron Sand Drizzle, which Chiyo blocks using the "Mother" and "Father" puppets' chakra shield that she had installed. While the Father puppet used the chakra shield to block the Iron Sand, the Mother puppet simply pushed Sakura out of the way. However, the Iron Sand creeps into the Father puppet's joints, rendering it useless. Since there is only one puppet left, Sasori tells Chiyo that she can either defend herself or Sakura, but not both. He then executes the technique again, and Chiyo uses the Mother's chakra shield to save Sakura; she manages to save herself by using the chakra shield she installed in her right arm, which is revealed to be a prosthetic puppet arm. Sasori is surprised that she rigged her own body, and claims that all great puppet masters must think alike. Chiyo then realises that the reason Sasori retains his youthful look is because he too must have rigged his own body.

Chiyo remembers back to when Sasori's parents were killed by the White Fang of Konoha, leaving her to raise Sasori herself. Deciding to pass down the Puppet Technique to Sasori, she recalls when he managed to recreate his parents through puppets in order to feel the parental love he never got. In the present, Sasori forms the Iron Sand into high density shapes. Having no more puppets left, Chiyo is left to fend for herself as she tells Sakura to flee while she still can. Sakura, however, offered herself as a puppet for Chiyo to use. Despite the fact that Chiyo now only has one arm left to use her chakra threads, she is still able to help move Sakura out of the way of the Iron Sand in order for Sakura to use her Chakra Enhanced Strength in an attempt to take down Sasori.


RoleSeiyūEnglish Voice Actor
Sakura HarunoChie Nakamura中村 千絵Nakamura ChieKate Higgins
ChiyoIkuko Tani谷 育子Tani IkukoBarbara Goodson
SasoriTakahiro Sakurai櫻井 孝宏Sakurai TakahiroJohnny Yong Bosch
Sasori (child)Akiko Yajima矢島 晶子Yajima AkikoKate Higgins
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