"Fighting Together" (共闘, Kyōtō, Viz: A United Front) is chapter 632 of the original Naruto manga.


With the arrival of Sasuke, despite everyone not fully acknowledging him, the reformed Rookie Nine prepare themselves for the upcoming battle against the Ten-Tails. Noticing the surrounding barrier, the Ten-Tails begins to charge yet another Tailed Beast Ball only to be contained, surprising many shinobi regarding the prowess of the reincarnated Hokage. Hashirama, taking this opportunity, creates five wood clones — four to help the alliance counter-attack and one to do battle against Madara, who decides to simply wait until the original is available. With the momentary release of the barrier, Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke and various shinobi charge in to face several replications of the restrained tailed beast. Upon entering, Sakura contemplates the times wherein she was always protected by her teammates and her resolve to walk side by side with them. As she reminisces the time she was called as Tsunade's disciple, Sakura stores up three years' worth of chakra gaining a considerable amount of strength which surprises both Naruto and Sasuke. Hashirama is surprised to see such a feat while Shizune notes the difficulty of such chakra control. Sakura, having let her guard down momentarily, is saved by the techniques of Naruto and Sasuke. With both her teammates by her side, Sakura happily notes that she was finally on par with them.


  • When Kiba declares he will become Hokage, his face markings are gone. However, they were added in the tankōbon version.