Fire Release- Big Flame Bullet

A Fire Release technique.

Fire Release (火遁, Katon, English TV: Fire Style) is one of the five basic nature transformations. Fire Release is commonly affiliated with the Tiger hand seal.


Fire Release is almost always used offensively, typically by kneading chakra in the body into flames that the user breathes from the mouth.[1] Simpler applications of Fire Release include creating a stream of fire, or alternatively breaking the stream into bursts of flames. Once produced, the fire can be shaped or otherwise manipulated, but exerting such control requires careful skill. If the flames are channelled into weapons, such as a sword, that allows the user greater finesse with how the fire is spread. Fire Release can take the form of ash clouds that linger in the air, burning and blinding those caught in it, or be erected as a shield, burning away anything that tries to cross it. Less commonly, Fire Release encompasses using flames from other sources, such as exploding tags, with users focusing the explosions against opponents.

Fire Release is common among ninja of Konohagakure: Jiraiya frequently uses Fire Release in combination with his summoned toads, the toads' oil increasing the flame's heat and range; members of the Uchiha clan are not considered adults until they've learned to perform the Great Fireball Technique, and with practice they can generate flames strong enough to overcome Water Release; members of the Sarutobi clan frequently use Fire Release, and in fact Fire Release: Great Flame Technique is considered a hiden ability of the clan.

Fire Release is naturally strong against Wind Release and weak against Water Release.[2] Fire's strength over wind makes it an effective way to, when used collaboratively, make flames more powerful.[3] If enough Fire Release techniques are used, that can create ideal weather conditions for Lightning Release, such as Kirin. When Fire Release is combined with other natures, certain kekkei genkai are produced: fire and earth make Lava Release; fire and water make Boil Release; fire and wind make Scorch Release. The combination of fire, earth, and wind produces the kekkei tōta, Dust Release.

Blaze Release[]

Blaze Release- Kagutsuchi

Sasuke controlling black flames.

"Blaze Release" (炎遁, Enton, English TV: Inferno Style) is the term used to describe Sasuke Uchiha's ability to shape the black flames (黒炎, Kokuen) of Amaterasu however he pleases. Although Itachi Uchiha can also use Amaterasu, only Sasuke is able to exert real control over it, via his Blaze Release: Kagutsuchi; he creates Amaterasu with either eye,[4][5] and manipulates them with his right Mangekyō Sharingan.[6] Amaterasu is referred to as the highest level of Fire Release,[7] and its black flames are shown becoming stronger when combined with Wind Release.


  • "Katon-no-jutsu" is a real-life ninja art, examples of which include distracting guards by starting a fire away from the ninja's planned point of entry.

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