Fire Release: Exploding Flame Formation is a technique that was a specialty of Hanzō.[1]


This technique makes use of explosive tags that have had a Fire Release technique applied in advance,[1] which are hidden along the earth's surface. When the target steps in place, the user slams their palm on the ground and causes the explosive tags to stream towards the target, wrapping around their body from the feet upwards and sticking to them. Once in place around the target's legs, the tags detonate simultaneously, causing a large explosion capable of blasting through solid rock and engulfing the target in flames. On one occasion, despite Hanzō commending Nagato for having avoided this technique, the latter still suffered permanent damage to his legs that severely restricted his mobility, attesting to its destructive power.[2]


  • In the anime, Hanzō used this technique in his battle against the Sannin. In this instance, he used a sequence of four hand seals rather than simply slamming his palm on the ground.[3]

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