After kneading chakra, the user breathes fire from their mouth. The flames are manipulated into the shape of a dragon and divided to strike the target from the left, right, and front all at once. Unlike the Great Fireball, which covers a wide area, the Fire Dragon Flame Bullet makes focused strikes, quickly reducing targets to ash upon contact.[1] Alternately, the flames can coil around the target and form into a vortex, effectively keeping them trapped in place unless they can escape through the top.[2] Because of the power of this technique, as well as the amount of skill it takes to control the flames, there are very few ninja who can perform it, the Third Hokage being one such user.[1]


  • When first used in the anime, this technique is depicted as a high-pressure stream of fire with no definitive shape. The fire also becomes white in colour, suggesting it becomes increasingly hot during use.[3]
  • In the anime, the Shisui Uchiha of Jiraiya Shinobi Handbook can use this technique.[4]


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